Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Man Behind the Curtain

Recently an anonymous blogger surfaced online with posts in a blog titled "Cedarville: Liver" to provide a 'liver' discussion about the recent events at Cedarville University.

The anonymous author claims that the blog is a "presentation of what happened and what is happening at Cedarville University from the other point of view."

The anonymous author is always referred to as "we" and claims to be presenting the "other point of view" by providing anonymously submitted statements from Cedarville employees.

And yet there is a problem: the entire site with all of its content in all of its entirety is a complete and total fraud, generated and distributed entirely by ONE incredibly deceitful man, Virgil Julian Vaduva:

Those familiar with fictitious Tolkien character below can identify similar traits of deception, violence, intimidation, false innocence and character assassination -
not to mention repeated references of one self as plural ('us, we'):

Who is Virgil Vaduva?

Born in Romania and a graduate of Cedarville University in 1996, Virgil cares deeply about the advancement of hyper-preterist views. He has devoted countless hours to the advancement of the Emergent Church because it is rooted in a hyper-preterist philosophy regarding the timeline of end times events (discussed below). Virgil frequently refers to 'the Kingdom' because he believes that Christ has returned and we are currently living on the New Earth described in the Book of Revelation, ever struggling to spread mercy and justice for a more perfect world. Political liberals love men like Virgil because he carries a Christian title AND supports their humanistic efforts to create a perfect heaven on earth (identical to Virgil's New Earth 'Kingdom').

Even Mormons have constructed odd theories that are heavily supported with maligned scripture to back heretical views. As a hyper-preterist Virgil is no different: to coax believers into understanding his odd beliefs, Virgil claims that the new earth (the 'Kingdom') began once Jerusalem was destroyed in 70 AD. It is for this reason that in the above picture of Virgil he is seen posing in front of this piece by artist David Roberts:

The Destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD by David Roberts

Like Gollum in Tolkien's literature, there was once another side to Virgil. I remember when Virgil lived on Berkeley Court in Cedarville. I remember his marriage to Jamie Lynne Hall in 1998. I can even remember his passion for 'the cohort' when meetings at Panera Bread began. Unfortunately, painful memories of a communist childhood created an insecure man whose adulthood has been marked by an unending quest to find acceptance, a quest which has now fostered a profound selfishness that will destroy any who may stand in opposition his theological views regarding 'the Kingdom.' Virgil would be lost without his concept of 'the Kingdom' and will stop at nothing to protect it. As a theologically liberal movement the Emerging/Emergent Church is rooted in preterist end-times views and as such, Virgil is a huge fan and defender of the Emergent movement. More recently Virgil's unstable insecurity has inflated to astronomical proportions and as a result, Virgil has relied on internet influence to become a source of ego-comforting power for his persona. Among regularly denying the existence of any future 'rapture' for Christians Virgil has even spent time operating his "Cedarville: Liver" blog while at work at WinWholesale in Dayton, Ohio:

Notice this bold power taunt by Virgil to the unsuspecting visitors of "Cedarville: Liver":

Didn't catch it? Just another 'anonymous' creation by Virgil?
Look again, more closely:

When the first letter is read the following message appears:
"Just so you know, Virgil runs this blog."

Whether he remains anonymous or not, Virgil will do anything to exercise power and control over an audience. These hidden taunts not only destroy the credibility of all his fake 'anonymous' support comments on "Cedarville: Liver" but behavior like this clearly demonstrates Virgil's simple desire to as much gain attention as possible. This issue will now be explained.

For organization, additional evidence of Virgil's actions are listed at the bottom of this blog.

Why is Virgil involved?

Sharks smell blood from far away. Cedarville University is currently bleeding from internal struggles and as soon as public news outlets reported a spread of Emergent views and various events at the University, Virgil instantly sprung to the opportunity to advance his radical views and worse, discredit his theological opponents - even if he has never met them or taken their classes. Like the commercials forced to be seen by an audience before a movie begins, you can always count on Virgil to quickly capitalize on the presence of an existing crowd so he might shift the focus and allow his views to become the center of attention. Virgil saw a crowd around the 'situation' at Cedarville and acted quick to try and shift the crowd's attention in his direction. Many on both sides of the 'issue' at Cedarville remember when he would attend the Bible seminars held by graduating students at Cedarville so he might shift the audience focus onto himself through a multitude of questions. For this any many more reasons to be listed Virgil is a severe liability for any who associate with him, especially those he has blogged in defense of.

Virgil is not unfamiliar with deceitful practices. Posting under the name 'bannerman' on the "Cedarville: Liver" blog, the many voices of reason" are nothing but a web of lies and deceit coming from one person. To quote Virgil, 'Do not allow three or four people to manipulate you' - or in this case, just one. His 'anonymous' blog along with its 'anonymous' letters of support are totally and completely fradulent, all of which were concocted entirely by Virgil. On the internet over the past month Virgil - by himself - has posed as over SIXTY different people voicing support for the privately Emergent-sympathetic administration at Cedarville. These comments and other content are also listed at the bottom of the page.

Virgil's Credentials:

Virgil lacks the professional experience and education to hold weight in commenting on many issues. Deceptively believing so strongly in the weight of his own personal intelligence, Virgil has deemed himself an authority in theological, legal, medical, spiritual, and technological areas, but just like all comments cited to the "Cedarville: Liver" blog his qualifications are also fraudulent. Let me be clear: an advanced education is not necessary to understand the world but it is quite different and incredibly wrong to disseminate a false sense of authority on various matters without proper training or professional education. At 35 years old Virgil has had plenty of time to obtain additional degrees but for Virgil's egotistical personality, he is already expert on all matters. Virgil cannot fool people in the real world, but there is enough information on the internet for him to simulate a digital empire of knowledge based on nothing.

Not only are Virgil's qualifications non-existent, but Virgil will take things one step further by asserting an authoritative stance of those who stand in his way. Just as Virgil offers legal commentary on his blogs, Virgil once used his (lack of) legal knowledge to threaten citizens for their use of the word 'preterist' because he claimed that the word legally belonged to him. Not surprisingly, that threat was based on a total lie: he attempted to trademark 'preterist' as his own word but was denied by the US Government (USPTO.gov link).

Virgil regularly enjoys inflating the extent of his computer abilities to appear intimidating. As noted earlier, his pursuits take place while at work so not one minute can go by in which Virgil is not comforted by the presence of fans of his blog or those who support his theological views. Make no mistake, however - Virgil is determined to become a destructive and dangerous "black ops" hacker and often brags about his accomplishments to his blog readers.

Here he brags about the illegal 'jobs' he has done:

Number three from above explained:

Here Virgil explains his plans to defeat fingerprint security by learning how to copy citizen fingerprints:

In addition to his personal blog and "Cedarville: Liver" here are some of his domains:
-conservativeonline.com (as an effort to take the address away from Biblical conservatives)
-planetpreterist.com and planetpreterist.net

Virgil Vaduva, Hyper-Preterist:

Virgil recently summarized his unique worldview on the Justice & Mercy Podcast #28 at 26 minutes and 37 seconds:

"I look at the message of Jesus. Here's Jesus coming and bringing a message of hope, bringing a message of justice and bringing a message of mercy. And here He is coming and saying 'Hey, my kingdom is at hand, is near, is very near, it will happen in this generation.' And here we are 2000 years later, and it is amazing that a large percentage of Christians are still waiting for that kingdom to materialize. I've even heard atheists making the argument that Jesus is not who He claimed He was and His gospel is bogus because what He said was going to happen didn't happen. Clearly we missed something somewhere, and that's why I think eschatology is so important because, the kingdom of God ... you know if we look at the message of the gospel and see it only as a means to get people into heaven we're missing the point. So that's kind of where I'm coming from and I think its really important to understand that the kingdom is real, its here, its not some future spiritual maybe-kindof after-death reality, and I think its very much real and very much now. I think as Christians we have a duty to bring the message of the kingdom to the world and its very much part of this world. I think the message of Jesus' was a much about people living in poverty spiritually as well as physically."

Many believers would argue that this end times view is a nothing more than a re-interpretation of the Word of God that amounts to a deceptive, repackaged version of secular humanism with Christian labels. And while this may be a separate theological argument, Virgil is entitled to his views and has a right to hold these beliefs. The important irony lies in Virgil's obsession with his perception of 'the Kingdom' of which he allegedly belongs: he has worked tirelessly to destroy the reputation and credibility of honorable and proven men of God through various tactics of deceit and malicious computer hacking. Virgil's profound hypocrisy even within his views beg the question: to whose kingdom does Virgil actually belong?

His deceptive words may entice the human spirit but they are limited to this earth and wholly redefine the purpose of the gospel. Fortunately for believers there is nothing that is new to God. The Father of Lies is currently the prince of this kingdom on earth and 2 Corinthians accurately contrasts true believers against men like Virgil:

"But we have renounced the hidden things of shame,
not walking in craftiness, nor handling the word of God deceitfully; but by the manifestation of the truth commending ourselves to every man’s conscience in the sight of God. And even if our gospel is veiled, it is veiled in them that perish: in whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of the unbelieving, that the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God, should not dawn upon them."
2 Corinthians 4:2-4

Possessing an accurate view of what the gospel is and what it does is essential to construct an accurate 'saving knowledge' of Jesus Christ and thereby actually have faith in Christ. Otherwise, man has created a fake Jesus-idol and worships a Jesus constantly re-molded by imagination and human desires. Sadly for Virgil, his behaviors and actions hypocritically even fails satisfy the religious standard HE has established under his own personal views. Practically this means one thing: no matter what your views are, Virgil is a fraud even to his own claims and as such, completely lacks any credibility and cannot be trusted.

In Closing:

We don't know why, but the fact remains: Virgil craves attention and cherishes any opportunity to smear his opponents while shifting the attention onto himself. For his own sense of importance and security he desperately desires to be the important force behind movements, not unlike other character-smearing liars so prevalent in society today. Whether he display his t-shirts or desire to be a grand master behind various projects, the internet has partially proven to be a successful alternative to real life.

Whether it be his threats to sue, threats to hack, his anonymous smear campaigns or his desire to be a cult-like leader for a local 'cohort' of emergent preterists, Virgil will do anything for power and respect because he is blinded by pride. When exposed he will behave like a wounded victim for immediate damage control, but rest assured he remembers everything and will work for revenge against those who he believes has done him wrong (morally permissible to Virgil as a form of ensuring 'justice' in 'the Kingdom'). This is the single reason the authors behind this blog will forever remain unknown.

Virgil has deceived himself with his rendition of an incredibly selfish worldview that justifies profoundly deceptive practices; right now he has attempted to tarnish the reputations of accomplished and Godly men. Virgil has launched a blog of lies to defend men at Cedarville who, like Virgil, operate on a platform of public deception and greatly appreciate Virgil's recent smear campaign. While he deserves no warning, Virgil should disassociate himself with the 'situation' at Cedarville University immediately.

Cedarville University has yet to issue a public denouncement of Virgil Vaduva's deplorable behavior because President Bill Brown (and those sympathetic to his administration) wish to protect Virgil's deceitful commentary on the events at Cedarville. They support his efforts and desperately hope Virgil will continue his destructive campaign. Cedarville currently endorses Virgil through these men; Virgil's deceitful words, his bizarre beliefs AND his destructive acts have been welcomed by those who currently run the school.

JOHN 8:32

1. Practical Suggestions for Your Protection:

Do not communicate with Virgil.
Do not deal with an 'anonymous' source, it is likely Virgil.
Do not give credence to ANYTHING that lacks a name, it too is likely Virgil.
Do not cave to threats; record them and do not lose them.

REMEMBER - immediately report any threats or concerns to law enforcement.
The vigilant are always ready to protect you from the dangerous.

2. Evidence & Other Various Items:

Just some of Virgil's self-generated statements of support (always anonymous):

Virgil forgets to change the time when he creates two more
fake comments on the CU Liver blog:

Voicing Support for CU Academic VP Bob Milliman:

(Note: in a leaked audio recording Bob Milliman states how Virgil's 'uncensored' group for concerned Cedarville students on FaceBook has 'the story' almost completely right)

Virgil denies Cedarville affiliation despite being an alum:

Virgil posting as 'bannerman' on CU Liver & Emergent Dayton blog:

(On Cedarville: Liver)

(On Emergent Dayton)

Virgil lies and claims someone emailed him a link to CU Liver:

Virgil selling t-shirts for attention (link):

Virgil Encouraging Theft at Starbucks:

Preterist references to 'the Kingdom' on CU Liver and personal blog:

(from blog):

Virgil's interests on his blog:

3. Virgil poses as multiple people to distribute his website link:

Thank you for reading this blog.